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Service costs depend on your property and your own unique specifications. We take the time necessary to determine a realistic price for service levels which meet your expectations of quality and customer service. We don't want to provide you with services which are not needed, nor do we want to exclude services which are required by your landscape.

We always hire specialists for our field so that our customers receive the best care and service. We own, operate and maintain state of the art lawn equipment that does the best job possible, while maintaining a level of productivity that is second to none. Being a life-long native of Tallahassee brings about a special understanding of the area. Being in business 11 years has allowed me to see a lot in terms of landscaping possibilities in the area.

I know how important it is to keep fresh equipment, as well as the importance of following the industry. It is very important not to get left behind. So when a new product hits the market, I usually have the first one so I can give it a whirl and see if it is a good tool for the industry. I pay the people that work for me fair pay. I do not do business with anyone who makes their profit by short-changing their help. Ask someone who knows me, I absolutely do not play when it comes to doing the job and doing it right.

If you ever receive lawn service from ProScapes Lawn Care & Landscaping and are disappointed for any reason, call me and let me know within 24 hours. I will personally take care of the problem or you don't pay. That's a fact! After making an appointment for a site inspection I will give you a recommendation. At that time you can ask me any questions you like. I enjoy the work that I do and this is just a part of it.