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Lawn FAQs

Q. How often does ProScapes Lawn Care & Landscaping mow my yard?

A. Lawn mowing/lawncare by ProScapes Lawn Care & Landscaping is done as needed using the best commercial equipment. We use everything from 21" lawn mowers to 60" diesel-powered lawn tractors to do your lawn work. We also use gas-powered edgers, trimmers and debris blowers for final clean up.

Q. Aeration? Will it really help?

A. It is the removal of plugs out of your lawn. This removal of plugs encourages deep root growth which gives your lawn added air, water and nutrients.

Q. Everybody mulches around here, why?

A. Mulch is put down on flower beds and shrubbery beds to enhance the beauty. It also aids greatly in weed control and helps keep your topsoil moist from the sun.

Q. What time of day should I water?

A. If possible, water very early in the morning so the grass blades dry off by nightfall. Grass blades left wet overnight are susceptible to fungus diseases.

Q. How much water does my lawn need?

A. Your lawn needs about one inch of water per week. Sandy soils need more water, while rich organic soils generally need less. Evaporation, heat, length of grass blade, shade and wind all affect your lawn's watering needs.